TPP self w. art          Derwent A. Suthers (aka: The Painting Padre) is an Episcopal priest who retired to Southern Arizona in 2010.  He has been painting since the mid-1980’s and studied at the Munson Williams Proctor Institute School of Art inUtica, New York, with Everett Adelman and Easton Pribble.

       In Atlanta, where he was on the staff of St. Martin in the Fields Church(1998-2010), he studied with Joseph Perrin.  He has exhibited in various shows in New York,  Georgia, and Arizona, and is recipient of a number of prizes.  His paintings are in various private collections.

The artist describes his work as follows:

“I work in acrylic on canvas or wood – sometimes letting the wood peek through along with undercoating of contrasting colors.  I like to leave a certain roughness of interpretation to say: ‘This is not just a scene:  this is paint and wood.  This is an impression of what I see, this is an expression of what was in me as I saw it, this is a poem of love for God’s world.’ 

 A friend told me I preach like I paint, and I guess that may be true.  My painting is a form of interpreting life, savoring it, and praising its Creator.

Many of my paintings are of nature; in Atlanta often of the Chattahoochee River, along which I loved to ramble.  Now, here in the Sonoran Desert I am entranced by the warm colors of this Land of the Sun, which is interpreted in my most recent work.  

I also sometimes venture into the hard-edged world of architecture as a counterpoint to the more spontaneous renderings of the natural world, and also occasionally do still-lifes.

The abstracts also have a root in many years of doodling during boring meetings.  They and certain other scenes take off in a flight of fantasy beyond nature.  Lately I have been doing some series out of my head:  ‘night trees’ and ‘little towns’… and there will be more!”

IMG_9970The Painting Padre is currently the president of The Hilltop Gallery & Arts Education Center in Nogales.  Visit this local landmark at: 

Also link to their  Facebook page here

To view other paintings from and more information on The Painting Padreplease write a Comment, below, or contact the artist directly via e-mail  

A portion of proceeds of all artwork sold support the St. Andrew’s Children’s Clinic, Nogales, AZ. Visit:


 Link below for photos of Father Suthers’ retirement reception and art show at St. Martins in Atlanta:

Suthers CenterLearn about the outreach center named after Father Suthers:
      The Suthers Center for Christian Outreach is on the move!

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4 thoughts on “

  1. To my favorite Painting Padre! ( indeed a great name! )
    This is fabulous………..and I can’t wait to see what comes next. I love the painting I own from you… makes me think of you all the time! See you in painting class!

  2. I was visiting a friend who lives on Anna Maria Island, Florida, and while there purchased a painting by Derwent A. Suthers that I fell in love with! On the back of the painting, framed in rustic wood, was the notation, “Hilton Head at Adventure Inn, May 1984 and the artist’s name. It’s a beach scene with green scrub foliage in the foreground with sailboats on the aqua blue water touching the azure skyline and a red sailed sunfish sailboat lying on the beach. There are scattered figures walking about and a few shade umberellas mid painting. Could I get some info on the artists thoughts when this was done? I adore the primitiveness of the work and the
    stark colors used in the rendering. Thanks…..K. Burlet

    • I appreciate your comments. We had a timeshare at Adventure Inn in those years and I loved the beach. I remember this one. I did another one too, perhaps later. I was just trying to capture the spirit of the scene. Glad you like it! Derwent – the Painting Padre

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